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What I would have paid to be there…

Aw, this made me teary. This was election night at my college:

My favourite part starts at about 2:45, when everyone starts singing the national anthem. Hampshire has traditionally been pretty anti-America (we made national news when we were the only school in the US to officially denounce the war and Bush) and prior to this, getting a Hampshire student to sing the national anthem was like pulling teeth. So, the fact that they were all singing it out of hope and joy is hugely significant, and very telling. Also, for those of you not from Hampshire, the bell that they ring starting at 6:55 is only rung after one has officially finished their thesis, and to ring it beforehand is considered extremely bad luck. So, I love that someone decided that it was worth it to ring it (or found an alum who was there to ring it for them). I also like the part at 1:15 where everyone starts running out of the buildings.

This is something I very much miss about Hampshire, and it very much matches my sentiment about yesterday. I was at school (work) all day, and I really wishes I could have been celebrating. As it was, when McCain conceded the election, I said “YES!” really loudly, and all the Koreans in the office turned to stare at me. It was worth it though.


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