Why I Love My Hobby

One of my reenacting units (that I actually am a founding member of), the QRF, is hosting an AWESOME private Korean War event in February. I am so stoked about attending. Here’s Marc’s “ad” about how fun it’s going to be, to try and get more participants. The event isn’t really open to outsiders, but I figured this would give you a bit of an idea of why I love reenacting.  Enjoy:


Hiya guys,

A group that I am active with, the QRF (Quick Reenacting Force) is going to host it’s second annual Korean War tactical event near Danville, VA, in February. 

Generally, it’s an all-immersion, first-person, 36 hour tactical event which seeks to recreate the actions of early 1951 before the fronts stabilized. Last year we had a great time. 

This year we expect something on the order of 50 GI reenactors and 2-3 jeeps. Right now we are in the process of recruiting people who would be interested in doing CPV, or Chinese People’s Volunteers.

“Now hold on a minute,” I can hear you ask. “Why the hell would I want to volunteer to do a new impression with people I barely know with maybe half a dozen other Chinese reenactors? We’ll be butchered!”

Well you see, that’s just the thing. Because of our few numbers, CPV members are there to portray an OPFOR (opposition force) for the GI’s. We’re almost like event staff. We will be in constant touch with the American commanders (also members of the QRF) and as such we will be ready to strike at all times. That means that we will be springing ambushes, launching tactical strikes against static allied positions, and of course, spend the nights sleeping well and drinking Tsingtao around a fire while the Americans freeze their asses off wondering when we will strike next.

There will be full autos on our side. Booby traps. Flares. Grenades. Patriotic music and propaganda broadcasts over our bullhorn at 2am. Ambushes. Inflitration. Psy ops leaflets. Artillery barrages. And of course the inestimable satisfaction of making sentries shit themselves when we slink into their foxholes and slit their throats with rubber knives 😉

For equipment, all you need is…

  • An Ushanka without insignia
  • Telogreika trousers and jacket (preferably with nondescript buttons)
  • Some kind of old-timey civilian shirt
  • A canteen
  • Canvas sneakers/ “kung fu shoes” or leather low boots
  • an Arisaka, Gew98, M91/30, M44, M38, PPSH, PPS-43, K98, M1 Carbine, or M1 Garand.

Let me know if anyone is interested!



Now, doesn’t that make you want to be a reenactor?


3 Responses to “Why I Love My Hobby”

  1. November 30, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Hi Drifting Focus,
    No offence, but I’m not actually commenting on this post, don’t wish to be rude though. Since I am about to buy a digital SLR I am wondering what Canon it is you’ve got? Do you mind telling me? Having seen some of your photos I believe you must have a very good quality camera. I am thinking of buying a camera with one standard lens (18-55) and another one (55-200). Any advice?

  2. November 30, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    I have a Canon 40D. It’s one of their mid-range SLRs, and the new version (the 50D) goes for around $1400USD without a lens. It’s a good camera, but if you are just starting out with an SLR, I’d go for their low end model, the XSi, which is still quite good, and it will be less than half the price. Also, I would avoid that 18-55 lens. It’s plastic, and not very good. I have actually had a lot of luck with some of the off-brand lenses (sigma, tokina, etc), and many other pros I know use them as well at times. I have Sigma’s 17-70, and it’s quite good. I have a 100-320, but I honestly almost never use it. Many photographers find that they want one lens that is more versatile that is their primary lens, which is what I have found mine to be. I do use my other lenses sometimes, but the risk of getting crud on the sensor, and the added weight to carry around (most of my shots are not planned), makes me use them less than some people.

  3. December 2, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Thanks, gives me food for thought.

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