A Rather Unsuccessful Day

I will finish unpacking today.  I will, I will, I will.

I still have no working stove. This is getting old, folks. How hard is it to find a piece of gas-line tubing in a country where everyone has the same goddamn stove?!

I missed my meeting this afternoon, that will determine where I am going to continue teaching and where the new teachers will be assigned, as well as how the workshops will work now.  I really, really wanted to go, so I could have some say in how I am going to be used, but about 50 yards out of the school gate (the meeting was across town), the scootercycle ran out of gas.  I hadn’t been paying attention to the fuel gauge, because I had just been using the bike to toodle around town, rather than driving around to the different schools (longish distances), recently, and so I hadn’t really been thinking about it.  The nearest gas station is about 1/2-3/4 of a mile from where I was, and I had to push the goddamn bike the entire way.  Sure, it rolls, but it weighs quite a bit more than one would think, and it took me about 30-45 minutes to get it there.  By the time I did, I was totally sweaty and gross, and so went back to my place to take a shower.  By the time I got out of the shower and got re-dressed, it was already past 3, and the meeting had been at 2pm.  Even if it was still going on, it was not worth the effort to attend, at that point, for the last few minutes of it.  Other than the meeting, I had the afternoon off, so I just decided to make an executive decision and stick around the apartment for the remainder of the afternoon.

So, here I am.


1 Response to “A Rather Unsuccessful Day”

  1. 1 deeanddang
    October 23, 2008 at 2:49 am

    Hello again!
    Are you English teacher?

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